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GV 003 >> ATTENTAT SONORE "Social Headache" 10"

Il était temps de sortir un premier album pour A.S., en 2002 ! Après le changement de la boite à rythmes au batteur, ça a pris un peu de temps. Seulement 8 titres, dont une reprise de the PARTISANS, "No U-Turns". // So it was time to release a full A.S. record... well not that full, since it has only 8 songs. Take your time, mate. So did we. 7 songs plus a cover of the PARTISANS : "No U-turns". It was supposed to be on a tribute but it never happened. Artwork by Loulou. Pictures by Niko. Not the front cover, stupido : back cover and insert pictures only. Yeah it comes with a printed b&w insert, and more poor jokes than you could ever tell in a drunken night.

Split release between the band, MALOKA and Britanny-based label RURAL MUZIK.

Comes with a fold-out cover and a printed insert. (1000 copies, plus 5 (?) test-pressings, 2002)

GV 003 : ATTENTAT SONORE "Social Headache" 10"

GV 003 : ATTENTAT SONORE "Social Headache" 10"



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